Sustainability in the Nordic Region

Sustainability is a way of life in the Nordics and Sustainable Travel plays an important role in the region’s tourism industry.

Sustainability in the Nordic Region

The Most Sustainable Region in the World
The people have always been close to nature, and across the Scandinavian countries there is a roadmap to efficient use of natural resources, focusing on renewable energies, energy efficiency, water and waste management, climate adaptation, circular economy and integrated urban nature solutions. But sustainability is more than having a positive impact on the environment, and there is focus on social and economic sustainability aswell. The governments of the Nordic countries have pledged to make their region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030 and it seems to be working : Euromonitor International’s Sustainable Travel Index, which has classified sustainable tourism in 99 countries worldwide, puts Sweden, Finland, and Norway in the Top 5.

Travel suppliers in the region are showing more committment than most in adapting their businesses with a view to being more sustainable.

Committment to Sustainability

Sustainable Travel Labels

Across the Nordic region there are variety of Sustainable Travel Labels which aim to focus tourism suppliers of different kinds on a sustainable path that will help the environment aswell as their business.

  • Travel Outside Peak Seasons
  • Use Public transportation
  • Choose sustainable suppliers

How can tourists contribute to sustainability?
Tourists themselves can contribute towards sustainability in the region a number of ways.

Travel outside peak season when possible.

Use public transportation or low-emission cars.

Take activities which use non-polluting electricity, such as electric boats and electricsnowmobiles, or animal-power like huskies and reindeers.

Experience local food made small scale with locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Choose local suppliers with sustainable ethics - look for their sustainable labels.

The Travel Experience & Sustainability
Steve Hart

Steve Hart is the Managing Director of The Travel Experience and has travelled extensively throughout the Nordic region since the early 1990s. Moving from the UK to Stockholm in 1994, he now resides in Helsinki and is a dual UK-Finnish citizen.

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